i made a vow earlier this week to post at least once a day. it’s only been 6 days and i’m already failing in this marriage. i’ve been working at my daytime job a lot this week, thus the lack of post yesterday. apologies to all my loyal readers (insert sarcasm here).

so while i’m on the topic of vows, and since i am shooting my very first wedding this weekend and browsing for inspiration, i thought i would post links and pictures of some recent weddings from some of my favorite wedding photographers. we are in wedding season after all. and who doesn’t need a little love?

a few personal favs!

molly and darby
photographer: hillary maybery

matt and rene
photographer: craig wolfrom

also love kirsten shultz, thia konig, and dev khalsa in the sun valley area.

and i have to include my new favorite (thanks to design sponge, i think), even though i don’t know him or any of his clients, i’ve subscribed to his blog for the past couple months and continue to be inspired by his images. jose villa, THANKS for making me excited about taking photographs.

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  1. pipes are you going to post photos of the wedding you photographed? I can't wait to see them!

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