move over coffee bar.

new kid on the coffee block: haus, on 24th and folsom. how did i manage to let this one slip by for three months? chelsea mentioned a few weeks ago that this place rocked, but didn’t delve into detail. then peter told me he was here a couple days ago, which reminded me that i needed to check it out in the flesh.

oh. my. god.

it’s not busy. concrete floors. ritual beans. simple wood decor. plugs. rad backyard patio. talking heads on the speakers. super nice baristas. and did i mention, you can actually get a seat! and a table! the novelty. i love coffee bar, don’t get me wrong. but WOW, haus you just blew my mind!

medieval times.

i worked in the stockroom at anthro yesterday, unloading all the newest, most fabulous garb. it’s slightly meditative and conversations drift in and out. here’s a slice of one of what i thought to be the most entertaining throughout the day with the two quasi-hipster guys who work in the stockroom. led me to do a little further research.

brenton: (to no one in particular, holding up a tank top with beads around the neckline) this looks like…a renaissance fair or something.

(long pause)

matty: i’ve been thinking about medieval times lately.
brenton: (mumbles something about where the nearest medieval times is, i only half listen to what he’s talking about).
piper: (from the other side of the room) wait, medieval times actually exists?
matty: yeah! (as though this is common knowledge, like asking if disneyland is a real place)

(unusually long pause here)

matty: i hear the food there is really good.

just in case you were as curious as i was about medieval times, you can check out their website here.

it’s wednesday.

…but i’m doing my “friday five” today, since last friday i was in the wild deserts of new mexico and my google reader “starred” is bursting at the seams.

1. august 16th: camera bag app, from obsessive consumption. i love kate bingaman-burt’s illustrations anyway, but i had to share this one especially because i am obsessed with the camera bag application. if you have an iphone and you don’t have camera bag, download it. right now.

2. organization 101, by sfgirlbybay. dear sfgirlbybay, i believe we are kindred spirits. after seeing this post, i want to put all work on the back burner today and organize things pretty, just like this. love, piper.

3. repeat, from poppytalk.

4. mateo and isabel, from yellow owl workshop. (i must be in to camera things this week).

5. notemaker relaunches, from simple + pretty. (cameras and organization, it seems).

arrrrrrg, matey!

i have heaps to sort through, but here is a little something to wet the palette from bryan + narisa’s fantastic pirate wedding at the LC ranch in gila, NM.

CONGRATS! radical people celebrating totally awesome things this past weekend.

the INSP file.

i have a folder on my desktop called “INSP,” for all the miscellaneous bits of inspiration i find surfing the web. i have a physical folder too, but at the moment it’s tucked away in my parent’s garage, underneath bath towels and kitchen utensils. i thought today i would compile a few of the items in the virtual folder, whatever jumped out at me. since i just drag and drop images into the folder, i’m not sure where they all came from, but there’s about a 90% chance that they’re all from somewhere on my google reader list.

right now, i’m drawn to series of multiple images, subdued colors mixed with bright splashes, simple lines and shapes, ephereal light and focus, using everyday objects in new ways, and flowers. massively inspired by flowers lately.


i made a vow earlier this week to post at least once a day. it’s only been 6 days and i’m already failing in this marriage. i’ve been working at my daytime job a lot this week, thus the lack of post yesterday. apologies to all my loyal readers (insert sarcasm here).

so while i’m on the topic of vows, and since i am shooting my very first wedding this weekend and browsing for inspiration, i thought i would post links and pictures of some recent weddings from some of my favorite wedding photographers. we are in wedding season after all. and who doesn’t need a little love?

a few personal favs!

molly and darby
photographer: hillary maybery

matt and rene
photographer: craig wolfrom

also love kirsten shultz, thia konig, and dev khalsa in the sun valley area.

and i have to include my new favorite (thanks to design sponge, i think), even though i don’t know him or any of his clients, i’ve subscribed to his blog for the past couple months and continue to be inspired by his images. jose villa, THANKS for making me excited about taking photographs.

good tasting things.

i like to bake. so clearly i jumped at the chance to fix a dessert for family dinner tomorrow at anthro. these are the tastiest morsels around. i inherited this recipe from my mom and it’s been a favorite since i was pint-sized, (she used to make half a batch without chocolate chips for me, since i didn’t like chocolate until i was about 15). they are light and not too sweet and melt in your mouth.

cream cheese chocolate chip cookies:

1 cup butter
1 cup crisco
8 oz. regular cream cheese
4 eggs
2 cups sugar
4 tsp. vanilla
4 cups flour
2 tsp salt
12 oz. chocolate chips

preheat oven to °350. beat together softened butter, crisco, cream cheese, eggs, sugar, and vanilla. just until smooth. slowly mix in flour and salt. then fold in chocolate chips. spoon into 1″ balls, on an ungreased cookie sheet, and bake for 10-12 minutes.