on the days you want to quit.

monday was a hard day, for no reason other than it’s half-way through the quarter, i’m a student again for the first time in 15 years, i didn’t get enough solo time this weekend and, well, i’m human. my insecurities hit toward the end of my afternoon class and i cried all the way to the bus. and once the faucet is on, it’s on. i noticed a poster on a street corner looking for a lost 66-year-old man with dementia. that really sent me over the edge.

i wrote a list once i got on the bus.

it’s titled: on the days you want to quit.

  • cry
  • run
  • put a good song on repeat
  • eat something healthy + fulfilling (warm in the winter, cold in the summer)
  • know that if you didn’t have a few days like this, you wouldn’t be pushing hard enough.
  • no one said it was going to be easy. ha.

the last one made me chuckle. when i first moved to san francisco, i had a roll of butcher paper on the wall of my room. at some point, i wrote “no one said it was going to be easy” amidst random notes and reminders. i fell into a particularly dark period of depression right around the same time and i remember my roommate at the time saying to me, “you know, no one said it was going to be easy.” i looked at him with a blank stare. it was so blunt that i laughed. “what?” he said. “you have it written right there on the wall.”

the cry helped. the run helped. the music helped. the food helped. i know that there will be days when those things won’t help. but having some sort of hope, some kind of optimism that you’ll make it through, that helps, too.

so here’s to pushing on.

P.S. serendipitously, this song is randomly on my speakers right now and it just feels fitting.


2 Replies to “on the days you want to quit.”

  1. Great post Pipes. Today is that day for me. Today I’ve wanted to quit. But I took
    A bath. I worked out. I ate yummy, warm soup and made a tumeric latte. And then I read this. Thanks for the impeccable timing. Xoxo

  2. awe, reg! i’m so happy that: a) you enjoyed the post and it resonated with you, b) THAT SOMEONE ACTUALLY STILL READS MY BLOG!!! and of course, c) that you’re taking care of yourself. we all have those days, right? xo

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