on blogging.


the other day i mentioned to a friend that i wanted to start blogging more.

“how often do you blog?” she asked me. and then i laughed and confessed that my last blog post was in september. that’s nearly a year ago. a year!

i’ve frequently thought about blog posts, but in the chaos of everyday life i forget how simple it is to take a morsel of an idea or a glimmer of inspiration and jot it down. i look back through posts for inspiration and to find recipes. once i’m out of the habit of writing, though, it seems so laborious to keep it up. “write blog post” sits on the to-do list day after day.

then earlier today I found this quote from the inimitable bruce lee: if you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

(sit on that for a second)

that’s exactly what i was doing. i was transported back to my sophomore year of college, when my mom and i watched this woman on the today show and i promptly ordered this book.

so here i am blogging.

to get back into the swing of things, here are 4 things, in no particular order:

this song on repeat. perfect for an evening walk to zone out and rinse off the day.

i am currently sidelined from the bike, but i still swoon every time machines for freedom sends me an email newsletter.

the photo above was taken at the start of my early morning run on a ranch in ukiah, ca. i’m 10-weeks away from the new york city marathon, and running is my savior right now. expect more posts on running.

after listening to paulo coelho talk with krista tippett on her podcast, “on being,” i recently re-read the alchemist. it’s just as good now as it was when i originally read it ages ago. here’s to all of us following our personal legends.


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