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iris, oh FABULOUS iris. she’s iconic in her huge round glasses and bright colors, but i didn’t know much about her before watching the documentary: iris. i love that she and her husband carl started old world weavers after she couldn’t find the textile she wanted for a client. why not just make it? from there, the company only grew. as far as her personal style goes, watching her put together pieces is pure magic. why? authenticity. she buys and wears only what she loves. it’s as simple as that.

inspired by: VSCO.

VSCO creates these ethereal, dreamy filters for lightroom, aperture and iphone. i am only just starting to explore the app and if i ever go back to taking photographs with a big camera, i would love to dive into the film profiles. scroll their website and blog for lots of inspiration and tutorials from various well known photographers. a few of my favorite images below. enjoy.

VSCOCam_JessieWebster01 vscofilm_cerealmagazine_13 VSCOFilm_MarteMarieForsberg04 VSCOFilm_ChrisOzer05 AndriaLindquist_03

(1. jessie webster. 2. cereal magazine. 3. marte marie forsberg. 4. chris ozer. 5. andria lindquist.)


“here is my secret. it is very simple. it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

— antoine de saint exupery (via)

inspired by: kite hill.

AMO introduced me to this lovely hilltop park in the castro a while ago. there’s a sneaky pathway between two hillside houses on 19th street, so sneaky that you might not know that it leads to anything in particular (part of why i love it so much). i’m usually more than winded after all those f*&#*ing SF hills, looking at my feet with my hands on my hips, telling my legs to climb just a little farther. but when the path opens up into a wild green patch tucked into city blocks with views of twin peaks in one direction, market street, downtown and the bay in the other, it’s so worth the short climb.