over at desire to inspire (one of my favorite blogs) they profile heaps of cool living spaces, but every now and then they also post some ridiculous pictures of dogs (and not overly cheeseball, either). see exhibit a here: more doggie monday.

reminded me to dig these pics out of the vault. billy’s puppy pal gordie last summer in mackay.


i believe the famous line is, “the coldest winter i ever spent was a summer in san francisco.” thus, i couldn’t resist this spartan coat at anthro. i don’t think i am ever going to take it off. love love love.


as an FYI, all things piper is a consolidation of the creative upturn and stillness in chaos. i found myself wanting a place to post random things, ideas, links and pictures. i suppose all things piper will be an extension of my website, though updated a LOT more. i am taking a vow right now to post at least once a day. hold me to it, people.

big sur.

i’m slowly sorting through photos i’ve taken in the past month. here are a few gems from a quick weekend in big sur. awesome place. dying to go back and spend more time. plus, i’ll be dreaming about the big sur bakery for months. you can see all the photos on my flickr page.

the piper.

thanks to my lovely friend, gabe, you’ll be able to purchase a fancy scott USA jacket named the piper, come winter 2010. eeeeek! pictures soon.