blue bottle and a few other notes.

SFMOMA just got so much cooler. i was so pleasantly surprised by the lovely rooftop garden and cafe at free tuesday yesterday. britt, brooke and i wandered the museum amidst the crazy crowds, then finished off our visit with a latte at blue bottle. if and when i have money, i will drink blue bottle everyday. maybe multiple times a day.

i leave you with a few things:

1. here is the website for SFMOMA.

2. here is a picture of some blue bottle lattes i took at the farmer’s market a while back.

3. the line for special exhibits on free tuesday is slightly ridiculous, so i’ll be going back some time before november to spend quality time in the richard avedon exhibit. in the meantime, i’ll flip through this.

4. great robert frank exhibit. opens with this quote from the artist: “i am always outside, trying to look inside, trying to say something that is true. but maybe nothing is really true. except what’s out there. and what’s out there is constantly changing.” surely, food for thought.

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